Horse Feed & Supplies

Nutritional Equine Feed for Health and Performance

There are a lot of dedicated horse owners in the area who need high-quality feed and supplies. For all your horse’s dietary and care requirements, we’ve got you covered. Not only will you find a large range of products for ponies and full-sized horses, you’ll get excellent customer service to help you find what you need and choose the right products for you and your horses.

Horse Feeds Available

The Feed Store offers you the option of highly nutritious horse feed and grains in our bulk scoop-it-yourself feed bins, or we can provide you with bulk, pre-bagged feed including corn, alfalfa, timothy, clover, and oats. To round out the dietary need of your horses, we always keep supplements, vitamins and apple treats in stock.

Care Equipment

  • Feed bins, buckets, and scoops
  • Toys and jolly balls
  • Salt licks
  • Grooming supplies and brushes
  • Halters, bridles and tack care products
  • Veterinary aids
  • Pest control and fly repellants
  • Many health care products

Service Area

We service Harrow, Kingsville, Leamington, Amherstburg, Essex, and other parts of Windsor and Essex County. Contact us if you need delivery or have any questions about horse feed or equine supplies.