Chick Days - baby chickens, ducks for sale, Harrow, Ontario

It’s Time to Order Baby Chicks

Each year, in late February we offer a variety of chickens from our supplier, Bonnie’s Chick Hatchery in Elmira Ontario.  These varieties include the following breeds: Isa Browns, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, White Leghorns, Red & White Broilers, and Pullets.

We also offer Large White Turkeys and Muscovy Ducks.

Pricing and Order Forms

White Rock Meat (Broiler): White in colour. Fastest growing and bred for meat only. White Rocks can be butchered at a range of weights but are typically grown for 8-12 weeks. With the correct care, White Rocks will achieve excellent results.

Bonnie’s Heavy Red (Broiler): Considered a broiler type, this breed is slower growing than the White Rock, more resistant and less prone to leg and heart problems. Well suited to free ranging. Bonnie’s Heavy Reds are predominantly red, with a slight degree of variance in feather colour and pattern. Finished weights are dependent upon the type of feed used, feeding program, length of growing period and overall management of the birds. Allow 12 or more weeks to finish.

White Leghorn: This small white hen is capable of laying 90% or better with an excellent feed conversion. Their eggs are white and have an excellent eggshell quality.

I.S.A. Brown Hydrid: Our most popular layer breed. Brown in colour, the pullets of this breed are excellent brown egg producers. Genetically bred for laying ability on a low feed consumption, this breed will lay approximately 92% during peak production, with good quality eggs of exceptional size. The hens will reach approximately 4lbs with the rooster weighing approximately 5- 6 lbs at maturity.

These breeds are very quiet, disease resistant and lay very large brown eggs. Considered to be dual-purpose since they are grown for eggs and meat. For the hobbyist, who would like a variety of colour for their backyard, consider a mix of these breeds.
Rhole Island Red x Columbian Rock: The female is red in colour, weighing approximately 4.5lbs at maturity. The male is mostly white with black and brown wing and tail feathers. He will grow to approximately 6.5lbs.
Black Sex Link: Pullets are black with red under-feathers, reaching a weight of 5.75lbs. Males have a barred pattern of grey and white, similar to the Barred Rocks.
Plymoth Barred Rock: An outstanding dual purpose bird. The females and males are similar in colour, with grey and white bars. Females will reach 4-5lbs, while the male will reach up to 6lbs or better. These birds are very beautiful.

Large White Turkeys: Offered as non-sexed ONLY.
This breed will achieve exceptional size. The hens will grow to a dressed weight of 16-20lbs in 15-20 weeks, and the toms will grow to 23-33lbs in 15-20 weeks. It is possible to have a 35-42lbs male with a few additional weeks of feed.

I.S.A. Brown only: Available at 19 weeks of age. All birds will be beaked trimmed and fully vaccinated. Pullets will only be available on specified dates throughout the season. Please order early to avoid disappointment.

Muscovy Ducks: White in colour, these ducks eat less than Pekins and are excellent fly catchers. The drake is twice the size of the female, reaching 10-11lbs at 17-18 weeks. This bird has more breast meat, smaller bones and has less fat than other ducks.